Different ways to style a polo shirt

Style Tips

The polo shirt is a staple of men’s fashion, almost as universal as the pair of jeans. And just like jeans, how you wear it can make you look really cool or the complete opposite. Size, fit, cut, colour, material, all come into play. Let’s take a look at how to do it right.


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1. The style bomb

Taking one piece of extremely casual attire and mixing it with formal can have a big impact. The polo shirt can do this with a smart tailored suit. But beware, the trick here is to use a shirt that is a bolder colour than the suit.

Make sure everyone knows it’s intentional and not just a last minute substitution. This means the look generally doesn’t work with dark suits but can look great with grey or paler.

2. Smarten up

The exact opposite of this is when you dress down and team it up with an incredibly new and immaculate polo such as the ones at www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/. This has a surprising effect too. Scuffed up boots, faded jeans, a jacket with a crumpled collar, and underneath, a really smart, white polo shirt. It tells the viewer, this scruffy look is deliberate.

3. Country club afternoon

The polo shirt has its roots in sport, but polo isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle statement. It straddles the way between active and smart – on the field one minute, drinking cocktails the next.


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This is a look you can channel with the country club look, Farah shirts with smart chinos, trousers or shorts, which have become crumpled and dusty. You need to size up for this look, to look lean inside your shirt. Yes, you have to be in good shape to pull this look off, but if you can, it works.

4. The weekender

But by far our favourite, and the easiest polo shirt style to pull off, is the weekend look. Comfortable boots, slim jeans, a dark polo with contrasting collar, shaped or puffed jacket and loose beanie. It’s a look celebs like David Beckham stick to religiously. But by swapping out the t-shirt for the polo you can bring it up to date, make it ageless and avoid the temptation to wear it with a slogan t-shirt.

If you can incorporate polo shirts into your wardrobe, it’s highly recommended.