The 4 Most Famous British Singers Of All Time


Afternoon tea, fish and chips, and Harry Potter – these are the 3 major things that the UK is popularly known for. But, there is also no denying the fact that it has helped us fill our playlists with some really amazing music.

Well, this is reason enough for us to understand as to why the era from 1963 to 1967 was named as “British Invasion”. Moreover, that is the time when quite a lot of rock musicians from the UK were sitting on the throne of the music world like never before.

Of course, it’s really hard to imagine how the present pop culture would be like if there had not been any influence from some of these greatest British singers.

Speaking of music and singers from the UK, in this article we’ve prepared a list of 4 British singers who have not just made a mark in the world of music, but are still all the rage!

David Bowie

January 10, 2016, is the day when we had to bid farewell, undoubtedly with heavy hearts, to David Bowie. But, we’re sure that his legacy will continue to live longer through his amazing set of music – if only he knew how to make a Will at home and could pass on his artistry through it!

Apart from his knack for music, the late David Bowie is also popularly known for his fearless experiments with art and fashion. In the year 1972, the era of glam rock, he created waves with his neutral and flamboyant alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

During his entire time in the world of music, Bowie sold more than 140m records all over the globe. In the U.S., he was awarded with 5 platinum certifications, whereas in the UK, he received around 9 platinum certifications.

Amy Winehouse

In her short span of time in the music industry, Amy had charmed the people from all over the world not only with her soulful and meaningful contralto vocals, but also with a diverse combination of musical genre, which includes pop, R&B and jazz, to name a few.

Amy was all the time known for her rebellious spirit. When in her teenage, 16 to be precise, she got debarred from her school for piercing her nose and not applying herself. Nonetheless, that did not hold her back from not accomplishing her goals.

She worked on her rebellious streak and channeled it into her honest music. Although she was very young, her voice always sounded very mature. Even more, she was given the term of “pre-eminent vocal talent from her generation” by the BBC.

Freddie Mercury

Known for his buoyant persona and strong vocals, Freddie was the lyricist and lead singer of the band Queen. His passion for writing songs was always influenced by various types of genres, which mainly included progressive rock, gospel, rockabilly, disco and heavy metal.

Well, he was also popularly known for his theatrical presence on stage. That being said, he was the only person who had the ability to make even those people at the back of the stand feel his connection.

The fourth album released by Queen, “A Night at the Open”, comprises of an array of styles from hard rock numbers to music hall and ballad style songs. This album is also considered as one of the best work by Queens and is known to be their ultimate album. This also entails their greatest and best-selling single “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Robert Plant

Popularly known as the songwriter and lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant has been making a mark on his fans through his amazing range of vocals for nearly 50 years. He was not just ranked as one of the best lead vocalist in the year 2011 by Rolling Stone, but is also considered as the best singer in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

The songs written by Plant are usually based on classical and Norse mythology. Not only that, he was also taken aback by J. R. R. Tolkien’s book ‘Lord of the Rings”, which inspired most of his lyrics in some of Led Zeppelin’s songs.

So, that wraps our list of some of the best British singers. Now that you know a little something about them and their history in the music industry, fill your entire playlist up with an amazing collection of songs and go gaga over them!