How to make use of handsome hessian bags?


Join the world in its eco-friendly revolution by witching to jute products. Hessian bags are fine-quality jute bags that come with a single warp and an interwoven weft. Hessian bags are called “Burlap” bags in the U.S. and are in high demand all over the world. They are thinner than sack bags and are hence finer in weave and quality. They can be bleached, dyed or printed to cater to the customer’s taste.

Hessian bags can be used in hundreds of ways. If you don’t believe this, take a look.

Ways to use handsome Hessian bags

  1. Simple Hessian carry bags

Designed in a minimalist manner with sharp contours and a neat appearance, the Simple Hessian carry bags are seen almost everywhere. They are available in different sizes and are fit for multipurpose use. They can be used to carry the day’s shopping or the day’s work as file or books. They are usually plain and brown in colour. Fitted with strong sturdy handles for that extra grip, they can carry ample weight without tearing. This is why Simple Hessian carry bags have become the universal “carry-all” today.

  1. Hessian handbags

Ladies can never go anywhere without their handbags. They look for something unique and stylish in their handbags. That is why they should use Hessian handbags.

Hessian handbags are fashionable and chic and come in exotic varieties. They can be designed in any shape you want- printed, embroidered, sequined, tasselled, crocheted and more. They are available in funky, ethnic, traditional, modern, retro and even tribal prints. They can be studded with stones or bordered with lace. Hessian handbags are the height of fashion and the latest in trends.

  1. Hessian lunch bags

All school, college and office goers need lunch bags. Why not carry a Hessian lunch bag?

Hessian lunch bags are strong, durable, and long-lasting. They are moisture-proof and dry quickly even if they get wet. This is why they are best suited as lunch bags. What more, Hessian lunch bags are very economical and pocket-friendly. Even the construction worker and labourers can buy them and carry their lunch in them. Hessian lunch bags are available in a variety of designs and prices. They are available even in costly price ranges and are sold as exclusive boutique items. Hessian lunch bags are the best for carrying lunch, right from the CEO to the casual worker.

  1. Hessian office bags

Due to their durability and ability to withstand weight, Hessian bags are used as office bags. They can carry your laptop or file, book or dossiers. They can be rectangular or square in shape to suit your requirements. Hessian office bags are commonly seen in the hand of artists, painters, architects and interior decorators. They are ideal to carry the easel and canvas, tripod or even the set-square, theodolite, etc.

When you carry a Hessian lunch bag, the entire office envies you as it looks cool, chic and completely socio-conscious.

  1. Hessian shopping bags

For all shoppers, Hessian bags are their best friends. Hessian shopping bags are ideal for all kinds of shopping- groceries, veggies, clothes, books, etc. They are strong enough to withstand the weight and can survive in all weather conditions. they last long and can be used again and again. They are big and spacious and are fitted with sturdy padded handles to help you carry them easily. The best part is they do not give away or tear even if you dump tons of weight in them.

  1. Hessian Conference bags

Every conference or official event needs a Hessian Conference bag. The Hessian Conference bags are just right to carry at conferences, to hold your brochures, file, notepad, laptop, tablet, etc. They are designed as messenger bags with a long shoulder strap and a front flap to close the bag. They look neat, business-like and professional. They can be printed with your company name and logo and used for brand promotion. They can be printed in bulk and distributed at the event to all the delegate. Hessian Conference bags are cost-effective, efficient and completely professional.

  1. Hessian Bottle bags

Some people are very cautious about their health and carry their own water. For them, the Hessian Bottle bag is a must. This is because they cannot carry the water bottle along with their files for fear of them getting wet. That is why they need a separate Hessian Bottle bag.

The Hessian Bottle bag looks cute and stylish. It can be fabricated in big and small sizes. It is used to carry water-bottles or to pack jam bottles or ketchup bottles. Hessian Bottle bags are a must for office, picnic and tourist use.

  1. Hessian  Drawstring bags

In every marriage function, you can ee the Hessian  Drawstring bags are given away as return gifts. It is also available in exclusive designs and can be used as a fashionable handbag too if it is embroidered with gold lace and stones. Called also as Potli bags, the Hessian  Drawstring bags were the traditional money bags worn at the wait with the saree of the Indian women. Now it is back in style and seen at all Indian marriages in the same way.

Hessian bags are not only handsome but handy and haute-couture. Grab one form the best supplier online to flaunt the height of your fashion sense.