May be the saree shirt creating a style existence period?


The ideology of blouse has different point of views, in the Indian and western terms. The same goes with the textile draping technique, which in the west is considered to be a creative fabric manipulation made into a gown or dress and in India, the complete yard draping is represented as the “Saree”!!!

The term of “blouse” in the western region, it is considered to be a short upper garment worn over a pretty skirt or pants but in India, the term “blouse” is related to the half cut pattern garment worn under the saree termed as the “saree blouse”. When looking back at the antiquity and evolution of saree blouse over the years, it gives nostalgic chills. But as seeing the present fashion scenario, we are wondering is the traditional Indian blouse patterns making a comeback and creating eternal fashion cycle?
Let’s find out!!!

The sophisticated and professional essence reflected by the high neck patterns flaunted today dates back to the 1950’s vintage era. And at present, it has gripped the women’s fashion again. With the recent designer blouse designs bringing in the shirt collar, stand up collar and high round neck patterns of saree blouses had a connection already.

The modest sleeve length of 3/4th and wrist long sleeves already rocked our grand mom’s wardrobe and at present, the style is all over again making us fall in love. This sober design gives the graceful robe of saree a cultured and effortless beauty upgrade.

The pure vintage patterns of “Puff and Ruffles” are still on the cards. The Victorian inspired pattern was adored on the blouse then and even now. This pretty design truly showcases a feminine desire and will never be out of style.
The saree blouse with knots was considered a sexy element and many Bollywood beauties during 1940’s flaunted it on the screen beautifully. We are still in love with those tie-ups and contrast color piping detail in the blouse. Go for a readymade blouse or semi-stitched you still find the options for these details in them. The overall feature still looks so rustic and timeless which is sure going to stay in fashion for awhile more.

The hip long loose grandma’s blouse has made a serious fashion turnover now with the structured and stylish corset blouses worn today with the saree. It was ruling the vintage era and now giving a glam vibe for the style forward women.