Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic


With all the wigs that are out there, sometimes it’s really hard to know what you’re looking at. So many different lengths, so many different blend types, so many different terms. Hopefully, after this article, you’ll be able to understand and compare the basics between your human hair and your synthetic wigs.

The perfect place to start this discussion is going to be talking about quality. Many people assume that human hair is going to be superior quality to synthetics, and that’s simply not the case. Within synthetics, there is a range all on its own. Some of them are cheap synthetics that stretch and get gnarly fairly quickly to higher mode acrylics, that hold a really nice sheen and a really nice consistency throughout their lifetime.

Human Hair Wig

With human hair, you have cuticle intact and cuticle stripped hair. And you have a gamut in between those two ends of the spectrum. With human hair, you’re going to need to know whether its cuticles intact or cuticles stripped. Cuticle stripped hair will require a lot of sheen and laminates be put back into the hair to coat it. So that it has the sheen and the softness that it did with the cuticles intact.

The reason that they do that is that it’s cheaper to collect hair in mixed bags, strip the cuticle off, so it doesn’t tangle, then add those laminates back. But for you what that means is that when you take that hair and you wash it, and you wear it, those laminates come off and the hair tends to get dry and snarly fairly fast. If you have a cuticle intact hair or a Remy hair, what that means is that those hairs are all cuticles going in the same direction and they should last for a much longer time.

Synthetic Hair Wig

With the synthetics, it’s a little bit more straightforward. That hair doesn’t necessarily need to be conditioned but over time it will tangle. Over time it will need to be brushed and what that does, with the synthetics, is it leads to those fibers individually being stretched and then snapped back.

Overtime when synthetic fibers stretch and spring back, it creates little bits of frizz and those individual pieces of frizz mixed in with other ones that aren’t frizzy. Over time that will lead to it having a more of a frizzy look and appearance.

This generally happens underneath at the nape and also with the human hair it will also happen underneath at the nape first. If you have bulkier clothing that is rubbing it, you can likely see those areas of wear.

Terminology with wigs tends to get a little bit confusing. Manufacturers and vendors have the desire to want to get you really excited about their products. So they tend to throw in words like human hair and virgin and things like that. But it can be really misleading, this happens a lot. What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get you really excited about the fact that the wig is human hair but it’s not.

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