How long do lace front wigs last


Wigs are taking the fashion & beauty industry by storm. The wigs have become amongst the foremost popular sorts of hair styling currently. African-American women love wearing wigs. Cause it not only protects their natural hair but also lets them try out many various hairstyles.


Wigs are slowly and steadily becoming an enormous part of our day to day lives. You can even buy lace front wigs online. There are many sorts of wigs available within the market which are mainly differentiated by their base cap. Today our topic of concern is the lace frontal wig. Here is our expert guide, the uses and lifespan of the wigs.



Lace frontal wigs are changing the way women styled their hair. it’s one among the foremost affordable and reliable sorts of wigs available to the people. A frontal lace wig is formed from two unique clothing material within the wig base cap. The frontal 2-3 inches of the wig consists of the perforated lace material which allows you to form your partitions and part the hair however you like.

The remainder of the wig is with a skinny base cap which helps to take care of the wig to be lightweight overall. The hair is sewn into the lace cap using high strength thread, making them quite sturdy.

Overall a frontal lace wig may be a suitable option for people that are looking forward to wearing wigs daily. The sleek design makes it comfortable to wear, and therefore the customization options are endless. The wearer also has another advantage of getting a totally natural and authentic look with these wigs.

One of the foremost asked questions is how long does the hair sewn into the lace and wig base cap lasts? Well, with adequate care and handling your frontal lace wigs can last you years. The typical lifespan of the wigs is claimed to be six months. Users start to ascertain hair fall from their lace frontal wigs only after 12-18 months when proper hair care is completed . Thus they’re an investment which will offer you hair care, styling, and protection for quite a year.

The frontal lace wigs are often worn in two unique ways. This includes either sewing within the wig together with your natural hair or using wig glue along your natural hairline to affix the wig. Both methods are reliable, but many like better to use the sew-in method over gluing. Many consider the glue to be unsafe for the skin, but actually , most wig glues are skin-friendly.

The glue method, however, is unreliable once you tend to accumulate tons of sweat in your hair or hairline region. this will cause the glue getting washed off, eventually causing your wig to fall off.

The sew-in method of wearing a frontal lace wig is fairly easy and completely safe for your skin and natural hair. It’s also simple thanks to combat the downside of using wig glue and may work with oily and sweaty skin. The sew-in method also helps you tons more breath ability because the wig fit is somewhat loose.

The loose fit of the sew-in method also worries tons of users about its reliability. Upon sewing within the lace front to your natural hair, you’ll expect the wig to possess a cosy fit of about one week. it’s recommended to not wear your wig for a protracted time because it can offer you a receding hairline also as obstruct the expansion of your natural hair.

Don’t let your wigs get snatched ladies!