Collection of men’s shirts


The article of clothing par excellence of man is the shirt, because it can be used for many occasions: at work, for dinners elegant, office and leisure meetings.

The colorful mens shirts, you can find in the list is updated with new arrivals in every season of the year. At the moment you have a choice of about 82 kinds of shirts. In autumn, in winter, in spring and in the summer, the shirt is always fashionable.

There are a lot of models and a wide selection, in fact, there they are colorful, simple, elegant men’s shirts, yachtman, sleeve short. The colored shirts are created with various materials, such as cotton, zephyr cotton, cashmere, viscose and linen. The shirts can be sporty, exclusive with or without tie, with the shape of the different neck, solid color, polka dot and floral pattern.

To know the dimensions it is necessary to consult the table with relative measures to the classicfit, customfit and slimfit wearable shirt. In all program is casual, the italians measures are in cm, while the Anglo-Saxon size are in inches, the chest are in cm, the waist circumference are in cm and length of the tunic.

The sizes on costumfit and slimfit are: small, medium, large, extra large and extra large, while in the classicfit are also available 3xl, 4xl and 5xl. There is the measure of the neck that goes from the size 40 to 45. Prices change from model, material and brand.

The brands you can find are: Lancetti, Ungaro, La martina, New England, Webb and Scott. To purchase the cloth you need to register your account with e-mail and password. Only your mail is approved you can order the shirt online and pay with the method thatwishes. The package will arrive directly with the courier at home.